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French Blossom is registered and incorporated in France under the business/Siret No. 531 381 341 00019 and French Blossom is the trading name of ROSCO SARL

French Blossom reserves the right to alter/update this disclaimer at any time in order to aptly reflect the Terms and Conditions of the French Blossom website. If at any time you do not agree with any element of this legally binding disclaimer please do not continue to use the website.

For more information concerning the French Blossom Privacy policy and to discover the security of the French Blossom website plus information collected by French Blossom during the registration process, please visit our Privacy Policy

Please note that ‘French Blossom’ may be described as ‘French Blossom’,‘us’ or ‘we’ throughout the entirety of the Terms and Conditions.


Using the Website


By accessing and using the website you agree to the following:

a. the website and all its content remains the property of ROSCO SARL, with all rights reserved. Copyright© French Blossom 2016.

b. at no time may this website or any material held within this website be copied, saved or reproduced without the express written permission from French Blossom. 

c. No material held within this website may be used or republished for commercial use.

d. there must be no attempt to alter any information held within this website other than details entered in your personal account profile.

French Blossom reserves the right to restrict or suspend access to any user/account holder without prior warning should French Blossom feel the website or any of its content are being used in an inappropriate, unlawful or damaging manner not adhering to the above conditions of use.


Limitation of Liability


While every attempt will be made by French Blossom to ensure that the website is free from errors and is as precise as possible we cannot warrant its accuracy. We will however attempt to correct any errors as soon as they are discovered.

French Blossom does not accept responsibility or liability for the following.

a. Any damage or loss of information within your computer system or property resulting from the access or use of the French Blossom website. (www.frenchblossom.com)

b. We do not guarantee files or information downloaded from the website are free from contamination or viruses.

c. Sudden interruptions to the access of the website and its features either due to updates, maintenance and or system failures.

Damaged, lost or broken products suffered during the delivery process by the postal or courier services. Postal strikes or other acts of God.

e. Information entered when opening or editing an account with us at French Blossom.

The limited liability of these terms and Conditions does not exclude French Blossom from negligible or liable actions/acts which cannot be limited or excluded under law.


Viruses or attacks on the French Blossom website


Users must not knowingly introduce any viruses, Trojans, worms or other harmful and malicious spyware into the French Blossom website

Attempts to access areas of the website other than your personal designated user account are expressly forbidden.

On discovering:

  • Illegal access to areas of French Blossom website
  • Attempts to gain unauthorised access to the server on which the French Blossom website is stored
  • Attempted access to databases or attacks on the French Blossom website


the individual(s) will be reported to the relevant law enforcement bodies and their ability to use the French Blossom and all its features will cease immediately. 


Links to the French Blossom website


Should a French Blossom website user wish to create a link from their website or blog to the French Blossom website, this is accepted subject to the following conditions:

If using the French Blossom logo as the link to the French Blossom website, this logo must be provided by French Blossom and not be distorted or its appearance altered in any way.

Under no circumstances may a link be created on a website linking to the French Blossom website if the person does not own the website where the link is being placed.

You do not misrepresent the relationship with French Blossom or write any false information about French Blossom.

The link created, links to the homepage of the French Blossom website.  Links to a specific page within the French Blossom website must be authorised before created.


Confirmation of Orders and Payment Verification


As soon as a customer has placed and paid for an order through the French Blossom website, French Blossom will send an email confirmation of this order to the customer

Orders will be dispatched when all payments are verified and paid in full. 

Payments can be made with most major credit/debit cards and though the Paypal secure payment system.




Postage and delivery


French Blossom does not take any responsibility for delays in the delivery process.

 Please allow on average 7-10 days for products to arrive once an order has been verified and paid in full. If an order is required sooner, please call or email before completing an order to discuss alternative postage options.

Over bank holidays and other public holidays, postage may unfortunately be delayed.


Delivery of an order may arrive in several packages if a customer has ordered from several different shops from within the French Blossom website.  Otherwise if all the products are shipped by French Blossom they should arrive in one package.


Individual shipment prices can be found on the Delivery costs page



For all returns and inquiries related to the returns policy of French Blossom, please refer to the Returns Policy.


Copyright and other artistic related rights


 Under no circumstances may any photography, images or promotional material within the French Blossom website be copied, or used in any way without the express permission of French Blossom and its Partners who hold the copyright over such images.


Boutiques and designers if positioning the French Blossom logo within their own website or on written marketing or promotional material must use a high quality logo supplied by French Blossom.

Under no circumstances may a boutique or designer alter or resize or distort the appearance of the French Blossom website logo.


The copyright of images remain the property of the individual boutique and or designer who supplied the images.  Under no circumstances may another boutique or designer use images that do not belong to them without prior written consent.


No material may be copied from the French Blossom website or print screens or like for promotional material. 


Law and jurisdiction


These Terms and Conditions will be construed in accordance with the laws of France. Any disputes arising from anything outlined in these terms and conditions will therefore be subject to the law and jurisdiction related to France.


Business Details


Name:                                       French Blossom is the trading name for ROSCO SARL

Business Address:                      3 rue Liothaud
                                                    Rennes 35000

                                                    Business/Siret No.  531 381 341 00019