Our concept store in Rennes


You've spotted the white bike and dried flowers ? Good, it means you're on the right track ! Enter the small corridor, and at the very end, push our door and come upstairs. 

Take a second to sit on the blue sofa, drink a coffee or a Rooibos… This is a place to chat, discuss about a product we love, a designer spotted on Instagram, but also talk about our children, what they love, their birthdays, Christmas, school… We are here to help you, guide you, to choose the perfect gift for your sister, the perfect vase to match your living room’s decoration, or just a little present for yourself.


But the French Blossom store is not just about the products you can buy. This is a place to live and share, come for our events and workshops, talk with designers, other customers, to discover new things and share.



Delivery at the store :

Whether you’re living in Rennes, or maybe just passing by for some holidas, you can chose to pick up you order directly at the shop :


14, rue de Nemours 

Entry at the end of the hallway, between the hairdresser and the optician

35000 Rennes


To discover our new products, participate to next events and workshops and be a part of the Blossom Family, follow the links :

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